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AFSA is inviting all eligible member to apply for the Quality Contractor Recognition, a newly announced recognition for AFSA Contractor members to be recognized for their effort in growing companies that produce quality work by providing a work environment that promotes excellence and responsibility in all its employees.

When you achieve the AFSA Quality Contractor Recognition, your company is no longer just a contractor; your AFSA Quality Contractor Recognition gives you a tangible, marketable asset to grow your business. You can prove you have met the highest industry standards and have been verified by a leading national trade association.


Before applying for the AFSA Quality Contractor Recognition, your company must be able to demonstrate all three criteria below:

  1. A Written Safety Policy
  2. A Current and Active Training Program
  3. A Minimum of Three Continuous Years of AFSA Membership

The AFSA Quality Contractor Recognition publicly recognizes and honors Fire Sprinkler contractors which have documented their commitment in four key areas of corporate responsibility:

  • SAFETY (90 Points available, 70 Points minimum required)
  • TRAINING AND EDUCATION (40 Points available, 30 Points minimum required)
  • QUALITY OF LIFE (27 Points available, 15 Points minimum required)
  • INDUSTRY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS (15 Points available, 10 Points minimum required)


The AFSA Quality Contractor Recognition Award requires a $500 application fee for first-time applicants ($250 for renewal) and remains in effect for three years from the date the recognition is awarded.


  • Improved company morale and productivity
  • Proof of having met highest industry standards
  • High Impact marketing tool to General Contractors and Building Owners
  • Authorizations to use Quality Contractor Recognition in bid documents
  • Can use Quality Contractor Recognition and logo on company letterhead

Terms of Recognition:

The Quality Contractor Recognition Award remains in effect for three years from the date the recognition is awarded.

If a recognized contractor makes any significant changes within the company that removes or reduces any of the qualifying standards, then it is required to notify AFSA and the Quality Contractor Recognition Award is subject to re-evaluation and may become null and void if the qualifications are no longer met.

AFSA is only certifying that the company has met the standards for becoming a Quality Contractor by meeting the specific criteria contained in the application form, and that neither AFSA nor the company shall make any contrary representations in any advertising or referrel."

Quality Contractor


Renewal of Quality Contractor Recognition:

To renew your Quality contractor Recognition do the following:

  1. Download the Quality Contractor application
  2. Submit only items from the allocation that have been added or revised from the original application.  If there have been no changes, simply type in “No Change.”  Attach the copies to application.
  3. Attach copy of your Experience Modification Rate Rate (EMR)
  4. If your company is no longer doing something  previously submitted in the original application call Jeff Livaudais 214-420-3033 to determine if the total points of qualifying score.
  5. Submit $250 with renewal application to:
    AFSA Quality Contractor
    12750 Merit Drive, Suite 350
    Dallas, TX  75251














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