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01/29/2007 (pdf) AFSA Introduces Fire Sprinkler eCampus: New cost-effective, web-based continuing education aims to advance careers
01/31/2007 (pdf) AFSA: Reaching Out, Above, and Beyond: AFSA Announces its 14th Annual Apprentice Competition
02/23/2007 (pdf) AFSA's Phill Brown Promoted to Director
02/26/2007 (pdf) AFSA Moves into New North Dallas Headquarters: Sprinkler System Upgrade Donated by AFSA Member Companies


01/21/2006 (pdf) American Fire Sprinkler Asociation Scores Fires in NICET Industry Partner Initiative Program
02/17/2006 (pdf) AFSA "Celebrating Silver, Going for Gold" 25th Annual Convention & Exhibition September 6-10
02/21/2006 (pdf) Only Three More Schools Remainins - 2006 AFSA Beginning Fire Sprinkler System Planning Scholl Almost Sold Out
03/20/2006 (pdf)
AFSA Golf Tournament at Cowboys Golf Club, September 9
05/01/2006 (pdf) AFSA/CLSE Announce New Scholarship
05/25/2006 (pdf) 25th Annual AFSA Convention and Exhibition Quickly Approaching

07/28/2006 (pdf) AFSA's 10th Annual Scholarship Contest Announced
08/30/2006 (pdf) AFSA Schedules First Fire Sprinkler System Planning Schools for 2007
09/15/2006 (pdf) Art Cote Receives 2006 Henry S. Parmelee Award
09/19/2006 (pdf) AFSA Elects 2006-2007 Board of Directors & Officers
09/26/2006 (pdf) AFSA 2006: Celebrating Silver, Going for Gold; AFSA Celebrates Yet Another Amazing Assembly
09/26/2006 (pdf) Rick Childs Takes First Place in 13th Annual Apprentice Competition
09/26/2006 (pdf) Meri-K Appy Awarded AFSA's 2006 Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year Award

09/29/2006 (pdf) AFSA Responds to Fire Sprinkler Fitter Shortage: Comprehensive Recruitment Campaign Available Free to AFSA Members
10/06/2006 (pdf) AFSA Announces Additional Beginning Fire Sprinkler Planning School Dates
10/24/2006 (pdf) AFSA presents 90-minute virtual seminar on Contractor Management
11/01/2006 (pdf) AFSA Calls for Support of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Proposal

11/01/2006 (pdf) Facts about Hotel/Motel Fires and Automatic Fire Sprinkler Protection
11/01/2006 (pdf) Fire Sprinklers Would Have Saved Lives in Tragic Reno Hotel Fire
12/05/2006 (pdf) AFSA Adds Oregon Chapter
12/07/2006 (pdf) Huggins Appointed to NFPA Standards Council


02/07/2005 (pdf) AFSA 2005: Learn, Lead, Succeed; AFSA Announces 24th Annual Convention & Exhibition

05/24/2005 (pdf) AFSA 2005: Learn, Lead Succeed: AFSA Sets Activities for 24th Annual Convention & Exhibition

05/26/2005 (pdf) AFSA Examines Residential Sprinklers: Past, Present & Future - Virtual Seminar

08/04/2005 (pdf) AFSA Honors Senator Rick Santorum; Pennsylvania Senator Named 2005 Fire Sprinkler

Advocate of the Year

(Photo-jpg) Steve Muncy, AFSA President (left), and Larry Thibodeau, AFSA Board member and chairman of the Legislative Committee (right), present the 2005 Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year award to Senator Rick Santorum in recognition of his leadership in promoting fire and life safety through the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act of 2005, Senate Bill 512.

08/26/2005 (pdf) New Multi-media Apprentice Training Supplements Available on CD and DVD

08/30/2005 (pdf) AFSA Aids in NICET Certification

09/15/2005 (pdf) AFSA Elects 2005-2006 Board of Directors & Officers; Manning Strickland Elected Chairman

09/23/2005 (pdf) AFSA 2005: Learn, Lead, Succeed a Big Hit; Annual Convention Thrills Attendees in Orlando

09/23/2005 (pdf) Kyle Hawes Takes First Place; AFSA Announces 12th Annual Apprentice Competition Results


01/30/2004 (pdf) AFSA Design School Adds June Class
02/17/2004 (pdf) AFSA Addresses Lawyers and NFPA 25: Virtual Seminar Offered

04/13/2004 (pdf) AFSA Announces 23rd Annual Convention & Exhibition

04/30/2004 (pdf) AFSA Sets Activities for 23rd Annual Convention & Exhibition

04/30/2004 (pdf) Exciting Change in AFSA-Endorsed General Liability Coverage

05/13/2004 (pdf) AFSA's 2004 Convention & Exhibition booths Filling Fast!

05/14/2004 (pdf) AFSA Announces Scholarship Winners

05/19/2004 (pdf) Knowles Named AFSA EVP

07/21/2004 (pdf) AFSA Explores Deluge and Pre-Action Systems Virtual Seminar

08/27/2004 (pdf) AFSA Publishes Pressure Regulating Valves Testing Form

10/06/2004 (pdf) AFSA 2004: Solutions for Success Highly Successful

10/06/2004 (pdf) Justin Kopacz Takes First Place in AFSA's 11th Annual Apprentice Competition
10/12/2004 (pdf) Chief Paul Dansbach to Receive AFSA "Fire Sprinklers Save Lives" Award

10/18/2004 (pdf) Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association to Receive AFSA "Fire Sprinklers Save Lives" Award

11/24/2004 (pdf) AFSA Announces Schedule for 2005 Design Schools


02/07/2003 (pdf) AFSA's AFSA Announces Its 10th Annual National Apprentice Competition
03/20/2003 (pdf) AFSA Addresses Development and Application of Residential Sprinklers
03/25/2003 (pdf) AFSA Announces 22nd Annual Convention & Exhibition
04/07/2003 (pdf) AFSA Set Activities for 22nd Annual Convention & Exhibition
05/06/2003 (pdf) Exhibitors Gear Up for Boca Raton
05/15/2003 (pdf) AFSA's Applied Sprinkler Technology Book 3 Now Available
06/16/2003 (pdf) AFSA Announces Scholarship Winners
08/07/2003 (pdf) (html) AFSA Updates Report of Inspection Forms/Free Downloads Now Available Online
08/26/2003 (pdf) (html) AFSA Offers Group Health Insurance
08/26/2003 (pdf) (html) AFSA Updates Leadership Ladder
09/03/2003 (pdf) (html) Jack Viola Receives 2003 Parmelee Award
09/03/2003 (pdf) (html) Gary Keith Named Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year
09/19/2003 (pdf) AFSA Endorses HR 1613 "College Fire Prevention Act"
09/19/2003 (pdf) AFSA Convention Receives Rave Reviews
09/25/2003 (pdf) Richard Russo Take First Place in AFSA Annual Apprentice Competition
09/30/2003 (pdf) AFSA Elects 2003-2004 Board of Directors & Officers
10/09/2003 (pdf) AFSA New Jersey Chapter Formed
10/17/2003 (pdf) AFSA Addresses Pressure Reducing Valves: Virtual Seminar Offered
12/03/2003 (pdf) AFSA Announces Schedule for 2004 Design Schools
12/22/2003 (pdf) AFSA Pressure Reducing Valves Virtual Seminar Great Success


08/02/2002 (pdf) AFSA's NICET Study Guide Now Available
08/28/2002 (pdf) AFSA Announces Winners of Scholarships
09/18/2002 (pdf) AFSA's Project Management Tools Now Available
09/19/2002 (pdf) AFSA Partners with NFPA
09/27/2002 (pdf) AFSA 2002 Convention a Success
09/27/2002 (pdf) Frank Winiecki Receives Parmelee Award
09/27/2002 (pdf) Jim Ford Named Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year
09/27/2002 (pdf) Jeffrey Long Wins Ninth Annual National Apprentice Competition
11/01/2002 (pdf) AFSA Offers NFPA Products
11/18/2002 (pdf) Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Featured on National TV Program


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