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Beginning Fire Sprinkler System Planning School

The System Planning School presents a comprehensive, practical approach to preparing fire sprinkler system drawings. Students receive two full weeks of instruction, 60% of which is study and review of NFPA 13 (2013). The other 40% is preparation of fire sprinkler system layout, shop drawings and hydraulic calculations. The school is designed to train a beginner to be productive immediately upon returning to work.This class is designed for those with no experience, or those who need assistance with design.The students learn by actually planning and drawing sprinkler systems while studying and applying NFPA 13 (2013 Edition).

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System Layout School for Residential 1 & 2 Family Dwellings

This three-day class, presented by the American Fire Sprinkler Association, will provide basic training in the layout and calculation of a residential fire sprinkler system. The class will discuss the stand alone, multipurpose, and the flow-through system types. The topics covered during the class will be: how to determine water supply, material selection, the requirements of NFPA 13D and the IRC.
The course will include fire sprinkler system layout and hydraulic calculation exercises.

This class is geared towards those with limited experience who need assistance with design & those wanting to refresh their experience. Upon completion of this class, the student should understand the basics of residential layout and how to apply NFPA 13D and P2904 of IRC.

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Contact your local AFSA Chapter to discuss hosting this course in your area.


Other Schools


As one of the top training providers in the field of fire protection, Oklahoma State University (OSU) is constantly striving to provide training programs that advance professionals in the industry. Sprinkler inspection, testing & maintenance is quickly becoming the rule, not the exception and OSU is proud to offer the Fire Sprinkler Inspection Training & Certificate (FSITC) program to professionals in the field.

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