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Union-Safe Supervisor Training Programs


Supervisor Labor Relations Training: New Supervisors Can Keep You Union-Free© eLearning

6 Module Program - $30.00
(4 hours of training broken into 6 Modules)

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Simply the best Labor Relations training for Supervisors and Managers. Your Supervisors and Managers know the company's union-free philosophy and what it means - but do they know how to put that philosophy into action? "Supervisors Can Keep You Union Free" provides the supervisory training and the tools they need to make unions unnecessary. It's not just about good labor relations - it's about treating employees well.

Once they've completed this unique and powerful training program, each and every Supervisor and Manager will have the confidence that comes with knowing how to communicate, how address employee concerns, what they can and cannot say and do (TIPS and FOE rules) and most importantly, how they can help keep the company union free.

This Supervisor Labor Relations Training Includes:

  • How Unions Affect Companies and Supervisors
  • How To Make Unions Unnecessary
  • How To Stop Cardsigning
  • How To Communicate to Employees During a Union Campaign
  • Getting "NO" Votes

AND a BONUS training module on the Employee Free Choice Act.


"Catch Phrase" for Supervisors

Program - $30.00
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If an employee says, "I know the plant down the street is unionized and they get $1.25 more an hour," do your supervisors know what to say? A completely unique resource, "Catch Phrase" highlights the key conversations Supervisors can encounter when talking to employees about unions, and gives them the knowledge they need to help employees understand the reality of life with a union.


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