Regional Chapters

 denotes Certified Chapter

Arkansas Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association

Area: Arkansas

Coleman Farrar – Chairman of the Board

Carolinas -Certified Chapter-

Area: North Carolina

David Smith – Chairman

John Turnage – Executive Director

Chapter Website

Chesapeake Bay -Certified Chapter-

Area: Washington, DC and Maryland, and Northern Virginia (adjacent to Washington DC)

Jay Zollars – Chairman

Danielle Fowler – Executive Director

Connecticut -Certified Chapter-

Area: Connecticut

Rick Russo Jr. – Chairman

Wendy Callahan – Executive Director

Chapter Website

Florida -Certified Chapter-

Area: Florida

Chris Johnson – Chairman

Carolyn Mohr – Executive Director

Chapter Website

Greater Bay -Certified Chapter-

Area: Northwest California and west of the Sacramento Valley

Cory Riley – Chairman

Lorelei Upshaw – Executive Director

Chapter Website

Greater Kansas City ASCA

Area: Greater Kansas City area

Mark McKenzie – Chapter Chair

Brett Heinrich – Executive Director

Louisiana Fire Sprinkler Association -Certified Chapter-

Area: Louisiana

Linda Biernacki – Chairwoman

Mark Taylor – Vice Chairman

Chapter Website

Mid-Atlantic -Certified Chapter-

Area: Pennsylvania & Delaware

Meaghen Wills – Chairwoman

Michael Leister – Executive Director

Chapter Website

New Jersey -Certified Chapter-

Area:  New Jersey

Thomas Bowlby, Jr. – Chairman

Robert K. Melofchik – Executive Director

New Mexico -Certified Chapter-

Area: New Mexico

Pete Newsted – Chairman

Dave Wilson – Executive Director

North Central

Area: North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Michael Winiecki – Chairman

Michelle Loren – Executive Director

Northern New England

Area: Vermont

Ryan Gadhue – Chairman

G. Tim Stone – Executive Director

Ohio Fire Sprinkler Association

Area: Ohio

Bill Haussmann – Chairman

Don Eckert  – Executive Director

Chapter Website

Pacific Northwest -Certified Chapter-

Area: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska

Tracy Moore – Chairman

Ron Greenman – Executive Director

Chapter Website

Rocky Mountain Chapter

Area: Utah

Brent Heiner – Chairman

Adam Millward – Executive Director

Sacramento Valley -Certified Chapter-

Area: California Sacramento Valley

Bill Gray – Chairman

Paulene Norwood – Executive Director

Chapter Website

San Diego

Area: San Diego southward and surrounding area

Ron Aday – Chairman

Rhonda Hill – Executive Director

Southern California

Area: Los Angeles area

Terry Householder – Co-Chairman

Jeff Bridges – Co-Chairman

Amber Barrios – Executive Director

Chapter Website

South Carolina -Certified Chapter-

Area: South Carolina

Jason Strickland – Chairman

Chapter Website

Virginia -Certified Chapter-

Area: Virginia

Jack Medovich – Chairman

George Wagner – Executive Director

Chapter Website


Area: Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Rhode Island
Joshua Fitzgerald – Executive Director

What is a Certified Chapter -Certified Chapter-

Although AFSA is a national association, many of the most important and significant achievements of the association are accomplished at the local chapter level. Changes in code requirements, licensing laws and training have the most direct effect on a contractor’s bottom line.

The most convincing arguments for change come from the same people who have to live with these changes. Members also experience the personal side of the association where they can network their services and enjoy friendships at the many chapter’s activities and events.

AFSA considers one of the most important benefits of membership in the American Fire Sprinkler Association is access to and participation in its Chapters. Therefore AFSA actively promotes and encourages strong, active chapters.

Certified Chapters have met the required standards of operation of a chapter that best serves its membership and reflects the quality of services those members have come to expect.

Affiliated State Associations

These are independent state associations affiliated with AFSA to provide services to AFSA members.

Would you like information about our Affiliate Program?


Affiliate Program Rules

I. The Affiliated State Association must have a minimum of 25% AFSA contractor members to qualify and remain eligible for the program.

A.) On June 1 of each year, the State Affiliate will forward to AFSA National a list of their contractor members so that the percentages can be verified. B.) Remember, as the percentage of AFSA contractors increase, so does the amount of funds from AFSA. C.) AFSA will encourage its members to join the local state association. D.) If the Affiliated State Association has a significant increase in AFSA contractor members, the ratio can be adjusted upward upon request and verification by the Affiliated State Association. (2 upward adjustments allowed each year.)

II. The Affiliated State Association must meet a minimum of 4 times per year and forward meeting notices, meeting minutes and sign in sheets to AFSA within one month of the meeting.

III. The Affiliated State Association can participate in the Chapter Rebate program at a percentage of how many of their contractor members are members in good standing with AFSA.

Example Active AFSA Chapters receive $500 to $1500 annually if minimum requirements are met

  • 40% of AFSA
  • 1 to 20 contractors assigned: $500 $200
  • 21 to 40 contractors assigned: $1000 $400
  • 41 plus $1500 $600

IV. The Affiliated State Association can participate in the Chapter Grant program. AFSA, in January of each year, makes available a certain amount ($50,000 for 1999) for chapters to access for projects. (See Chapter Grant criteria.)

A.) Chapters can request as many grants as they wish. The Chapter Grant committee will approve or deny each request on its own merit. B.) The chapter must match dollar for dollar the amount requested C.) State affiliates will be eligible for grant money at a percentage of how many of their contractors are AFSA members. For example, the state affiliate requests $5000 from AFSA for a project. If 40% of their contractor members are members of AFSA, they will receive $2000. If 60% are members of AFSA, they will receive $3000.

V. An agreement for direct financial support from AFSA to the State Association to reimburse expenses fro an Executive Director is being finalized at this time. Implementation will be Jan. 1,2000. A maximum of $750 (per meeting) will be paid by AFSA to support an Executive Director , based on the percentage of AFSA members in the State Association.

Example: 40% contractor members of AFSA times $750=$300 times 10 meetings equals $3000 annually.

VI. Affiliated State Associations will be eligible for an annual visit by the AFSA President, Staff member or a Director, plus increased communication and programs from AFSA.

VII. Affiliated State Associations are entitled to a complimentary web page on the AFSA Sprinkler Net and complimentary copies of Sprinkler Age.

VIII. Affiliated State Associations will receive national coverage in Sprinkler Age magazine for their projects and activities.

IX. Affiliated State Associations will receive support from AFSA for hosting charity golf tournaments with advertising, contributions, attendance and free giveaways and bags.