The Applied Sprinkler Technology Series was developed to train designers on all aspects of fire sprinkler technology and design.  It is based on the 1999 ed. of NFPA 13.  This is a 3-book series with online testing or optional paper tests.  The books are divided into modules. Each module includes a series of lessons that cover a particular topic within the scope of that module.    For an updated online version of this system layout training, visit the Fire Sprinkler eCampus website.

Course Curriculum

Book I 

6 Modules

Upon completion, student will receive 21.6 CEUs (216 hours).

Module A   Introduction to Applied Sprinkler Technology (36 Hours)

  • Lesson 1   Some Basic Things About Your Job as a Sprinkler Designer
  • Lesson 2   An Overview of Fire Protection and Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems
  • Lesson 3   History and Evolution of the Automatic Fire Sprinkler
  • Lesson 4   Types of Systems

Module B   Piping Materials (45 Hours)

  • Lesson 5   Overhead Piping Materials
  • Lesson 6   Piping Materials and Joints
  • Lesson 7   Copper Tubing
  • Lesson 8   Polybutylene Piping Systems
  • Lesson 9   CPVC Plastic Piping Systems

Module C       Piping Supports (18 Hours)

  • Lesson 10   Hangers and Supports
  • Lesson 11   Protection of Piping Subject to Earthquake

Module D       Basic Building Layout (36 Hours)

  • Lesson 12        Design Drawings and Specifications
  • Lesson 13        Construction Types
  • Lesson 14        Elements of a Building Layout
  • Lesson 15        Drawing of a Background

Module E   Sprinkler Spacing Rules (36 Hours)

  • Lesson 16   Occupancies and Hazard Classification
  • Lesson 17    Standard Sprinkler Spacing
  • Lesson 18   Specific Sprinklers – Spacing and Position
  • Lesson 19   Other Specific Sprinklers – Spacing, Location and Position

Module F   Fundamentals of Sprinkler System Layout (45 Hours)

  • Lesson 20   Layout of Sprinklers
  • Lesson 21   Types of System Configurations
  • Lesson 22   Preliminary Piping Layout
  • Lesson 24    Final Drawings
  • Lesson 23    Coordination

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