Training Made Easy: How-To Guide

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Apprentice Training Made Easy



Apprentice Training Details:

The competitiveness of your firm depends on your workforce: whether you have a skilled group who can do the job correctly and efficiently the first time or a workforce that doesn’t know the proper installation techniques, costing you more money in the long run.

To get the edge on the competition, you need to have well-trained employees who can work quickly and correctly. It takes training to get that leading edge. By enrolling your employees in the  AFSA Apprenticeship Training Series for Sprinkler Fitters, you will reap the benefits of a qualified, professional installation crew. Well-trained employees will work more efficiently, increasing your company’s productivity and, in turn, its profits.


Using AFSA’s curriculum as the basis for your Apprenticeship Training Program, you can register your company’s program with the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA) or State Apprenticeship Council (SAC), which will enable you to be more competitive on federal (and some state) projects. Keep in mind that this is a growing market for the fire sprinkler contractor that helps diversify your business opportunities.

Your company can benefit from using the AFSA training program even without registering it with a government agency. You can use this unique AFSA program solely as in-house training to upgrade employee skills. However, if you choose not to register your program, you will not receive wage concessions on government contracts.

A Guide to Help you Set Up and Administer an Effective Apprenticeship Training Program

The AFSA Apprenticeship Training Program develops skills through formalized training that is cost-effective, skill-specific, goal-oriented, and can be designed to meet individual company training needs. AFSA members with successful programs have contributed proven methods and experience to the Training Made Easy guide to help you get your training program started. In the back of the guide, you will find sample forms — an Apprentice Data Sheet and Testing Log, Unit Test Remarks, and an On-The-Job Learning Log – for your use. These forms may be duplicated for use in each apprentice’s file.