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If you are having issues with anything related to AFSA Correspondence Students or the grading site, send an e-mail with as much information about the problem as you can document to help with tracking down the error. Send comments and error reports to: »


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Student Records & Retake Codes

NOTE: Once AFSA training records are updated to reflect course completion, they are available for issuance within 15 business days to facilitate requests for records and transcripts.


Retake Test Codes

Details: A valid code is required to retake a failed test. Codes must be purchased in advance and are $15 each. You can purchase up to 100 Retake Codes at a time. NOTE: Codes are manually generated by AFSA staff and are emailed to the training coordinator. Purchase in advance and allow 1-2 business days for processing.
  • Each code is valid for retaking 1 test only.
  • Retake codes are assigned to the company upon purchase.
  • The training coordinator may assign any of the codes to any student at that company; however, each code may be used only once.

IMPORTANT! Once a retake code is entered and the test is accessed/viewed, the retake code then EXPIRES and is no longer usable. Students must be prepared to complete the retake test at the time the retake code is used. Using a retake code to preview a retake exam voids the retake code.