Apprentice Training for Fitters

The Importance of Training


This fire sprinkler fitter apprentice training series, written from a contractor's point of view, has been developed through combined efforts of technical experts and AFSA contractor members. Each level of the series includes photographs, drawings and tables to provide the latest graphic as well as written instruction on proper installation techniques and use of tools.

The four levels are divided into modules. Each module includes a series of lessons that cover a particular topic within the scope of that module. Convenient online testing is included to assess learner knowledge on a periodic basis. For security purposes, a proctor password can be set up (and is strongly recommended) at your request to:  1) ensure the integrity of student testing, and 2) prevent the student from testing without proctor approval or supervision.

AFSA Apprentice Training Details

Features Include:
  • Online testing for 24/7 access
  • Modules for customizing your own program
  • Visual aids to assist with learning
  • Online access to student history and grades