Correspondence Courses


Apprenticeship Training for Fitters

This is a 4-level training series with online testing. Many states have approved fire protection contractors' apprenticeship programs utilizing this comprehensive curricula to meet training requirements as determined by the state's governing agency. This series, written from a contractor's point of view, has been developed through combined efforts of technical experts and AFSA contractor members. Each level of the series, includes hundreds of photographs, drawings and tables to provide the latest graphic as well as written instruction on proper installation techniques and use of tools.

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Designer Course

The Applied Sprinkler Technology Series was developed to train designers on all aspects of fire sprinkler technology and design.  It is based on the 1999 ed. of NFPA 13.  This is a 3-level series with online testing or optional paper tests.  The levels are divided into modules. Each module includes a series of lessons that cover a particular topic within the scope of that module.

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Foremanship Course

AFSA's correspondence course, The Leadership Ladder, teaches the newly promoted fire sprinkler foreman to manage projects from beginning to end. This 24-lesson course, written by industry veteran Michael L. Brown and reviewed by contractor members of AFSA, guides the new foreman through supervision of a fire sprinkler installation project and the other employees working that job. It also includes more than 40 pages of sample forms necessary to help manage a project, such as Change Order, Request For Information, and Employee Injury Report. The course includes online testing with optional paper tests.

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Residential Fire Sprinkler System Installation Course

This correspondence course, also available in Spanish, teaches installers the techniques for residential fire sprinkler system installation according to the 2007 ed. of NFPA 13D, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes, in as little as 6 months. Modules include introduction to the trade; construction math; system design considerations; tools, material & installation overview; and special systems & retrofit. Appendices on the subjects of CPVC pipe & fittings and copper tube systems are also included.