Leadership Ladder


AFSA’s correspondence course, The Leadership Ladder, teaches the newly promoted fire sprinkler foreman to manage projects from beginning to end. This 24-lesson course, written by industry veteran Michael L. Brown and reviewed by contractor members of AFSA, guides the new foreman through supervision of a fire sprinkler installation project and the other employees working that job. It also includes more than 40 pages of sample forms necessary to help manage a project, such as Change Order, Request For Information, and Employee Injury Report.

This course is available with your choice of paper or online testing. the tests are identical no matter the method you choose. With online testing, you save money on postage (no mailing tests to AFSA for grading), the testing process is faster with no bubble sheets to complete, and you instantly receive your test score upon completion.

For security purposes, a proctor password can be set up at your request to prevent the student from testing with proctor approval.

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Course Curriculum

4 Chapters 

Upon completion, student will receive 14.4 CEUs (144 hours).

Chapter I   Starting the Climb (36 Hours)

  • Lesson 1   I Am Their Leader, Which Way Did They Go?
  • Lesson 2   Understanding People
  • Lesson 3   Communication Skills
  • Lesson 4   Coaching and Training to Win
  • Lesson 5   Working with Owners, General Contractors and Inspectors
  • Lesson 6   Avoiding Stress and Handling Crisis

Chapter II   Scope of Work/Pre-Planning/Schedules (36 Hours)

  • Lesson 7   Scope of Work
  • Lesson 8   Pre-Planning and Planning
  • Lesson 9   Schedules
  • Lesson 10   RFI, PR, ASI, CD and Change Orders
  • Lesson 11   Daily Planning
  • Lesson 12   Authority, Responsibility and Management

Chapter III    Controlling Job Cost and Productivity (36 Hours)

  • Lesson 13   Material Handling and Preventing Job Delays
  • Lesson 14   Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Lesson 15   Working and Coordinating with Other Subcontractors
  • Lesson 16   Production, Productivity and Measuring Productivity
  • Lesson 17   Get the Right Tool for the Job
  • Lesson 18   Performance Review and Evaluatie

Chapter IV    The Job is Not Done Until the Paperwork is Done (36 Hours)

  • Lesson 19   Safety, Accidents and Reporting
  • Lesson 20   Daily Logs, Weekly Reports and Job Logs
  • Lesson 21   As-Built Plans, Operations and Maintenance Manuals, and Other Reports
  • Lesson 22   Time Sheets, Expenses and Responsibility
  • Lesson 23   Test Certificates and Other Test Reports
  • Lesson 24   Foreman’s Final Report and Other Authorizations