Retake Policy

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Online tests are still free for a student's first attempt. If a student fails a test on the first attempt, a $15 retake fee is required for each subsequent attempt. Retake Codes are purchased by going to

Instructions for Purchasing Codes:

  • Training Coordinators can log in to purchase the codes.
  • The codes are $15 each and up to 100 may be purchased at a time. One code is required for each retake.
  • The codes are assigned to the company upon purchase.
  • You will need to input the Credit Card Billing Street Address and Zip Code
  • A list of the retake codes is then emailed to the Training Coordinator upon successful purchase regardless of who makes the purchase.
  • Training Coordinator can also view a list of valid (unused) codes by logging in with their Training Coordinator credentials.

How the codes are used: Students log in to take a test like they always have.

After logging in, there are now 2 sets of available lesson exams on the page.

  1. A list for exams that have yet to be taken.
  2. A list of available retake exams. (The 3-day waiting period still applies before an exam will be available to take again.)

To retake an exam:

  1. The student chooses from the available exams
  2. Type in the retake code and click "submit" button.

If the retake code is valid, the test will pop-up in a new window like the students are used to.



Once a retake code is entered and the exam is accessed/viewed, the retake code then EXPIRES and is no longer usable. Student must be prepared to complete the retake exam at the time the retake code is used.