Flushing Requirements for Fitters

Flushing Requirements for Fitters
Join us for a course to learn about flushing requirements for fire protection systems. This webinar is geared toward certified fitters and is CAL-FIRE approved.

This course will discuss the importance of flushing systems at the required flows to minimize the risk of obstructions downstream in fire protection systems.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
     1.  Identify and apply the appropriate standards that contain requirements for flushing.
     2.  Understand the basis for determining the minimum flows required.
     3.  Understand  when flushing needs to occur.
     4.  Identify and apply additional installation requirements in regards to flushing.


John T. Johnson, CFPS
Manager of ITM Technical Training
American Fire Sprinkler Association


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    • AFSA Member: $25
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    • This webinar offers: 0.1 CEUs, 1.0 CPDs, 0.1 CAL-FIRE approved CEUs, and 0.1 Vermont T-3 TQP Renewal CEUs.
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