Building Heights & Rack Storage

Building Heights & Rack Storage
This webinar will be an introduction to utilizing the storage chapters in NFPA 13, 2016 Edition to select the proper protection schemes for protecting rack stored commodities. This webinar will cover some of the relatively newer sprinklers available to protect higher levels of storage without in-rack sprinklers. It will also review important FM Global criteria on the protection of rack stored commodity.


As the possibilities of rack storage configuration and commodity are almost endless, this webinar will provide an overview of the topic and show attendees where they may find additional information. All participants are strongly encouraged to have a copy of the applicable NFPA standard with you during the webinar. The speaker will reference numerous NFPA figures and tables. Images from the NFPA standards will& not be made available to you by the instructor or in-class materials. It is critical to have the standard with you to refer to as the instructor leads.

Continuing Education Credits: 0.15 CEUs and 1.5 CPDs.

  • This webinar does not offer CAL FIRE-approved CEUs.

Speaker: Travis Mack, SET

Travis has been in the fire sprinkler industry for almost 30 years. Travis is a NICET Level IV Senior Engineering Technician in Automatic Fire Sprinkler Layout. He specializes in water-based fire sprinkler system design and layout. Travis owns and operates MFP Design, LLC, a fire sprinkler system design firm based in Gilbert, AZ. Over the years, MFP Design has been involved in projects ranging from single family homes to high expansion foam systems. MFP Design currently employs 3 individuals to handle design capacity.

4/1/2020 - 6/30/2020

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