Pipe Size Estimating & Quick Calculations

Pipe Size Estimating & Quick Calculations
The task of creating a fire sprinkler system estimate requires that you be able to quickly create a conceptual plan of a project. As an alternative to doing a complete design and hydraulic analysis, this webinar will illustrate the use of the same principles needed in that approach while requiring only a fraction of the detailed information.


This webinar will illustrate an organized worksheet for sizing the pipes in a tree, looped, or gridded system along with a description of its application, including examples of multiple types of systems. This process will be enough fun that you won’t feel like you’re doing any work at all.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify the three key hydraulic principles that determine the pressure requirements of a sprinkler design.
  2. Determine the key physical dimensions of a sprinkler design that accurately predict the pipe sizing.
  3. Apply an organized method of tracking all key pressure and flow requirements of a preliminary sprinkler design.
  4. Save time and money by developing more accurate fire sprinkler estimates.

Continuing Education Credits: 0.15 CEUs and 1.5 CPDs.

  • This webinar does not offer CAL FIRE-approved CEUs.

Speaker: Alan Johnston

Alan Johnston has been the president of Hydratec, Inc. since 1972. Beginning with providing sprinkler system design services, Hydratec went on to develop software for hydraulic analysis, material fabrication, and AutoCAD and Revit based design of fire protection sprinkler systems. Alan holds a BS in mechanical engineering and has been involved in design, programming, training, and support within Hydratec. Alan is also the holder of several US patents including one designed to simplify the retrofit of sprinkler systems into single family homes. Alan has provided advanced training on the latest features of the HydraCAD software to groups of existing users in cities around the United States and Canada, as well as teaching classes on hydraulic calculations. His passionate interest in the use of BIM related software in the design of fire sprinkler systems has been an important application of his more than 45 years of experience in this industry.

4/1/2020 - 6/30/2020

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