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Thinking About Becoming an AFSA Member?

As a member, you know firsthand that investing in AFSA membership pays off. Depending on your number of employees, your investment is a few cents per hour per employee. Tell a contractor or associate friend in the industry why you are an AFSA member and when they join or re-join, you'll receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Open to contractor and associate members only.

As an incentive to the company to join or rejoin, they will receive one AFSA on-demand webinar of their choice absolutely FREE*—including CEUs (up to $250 value)! It’s our way to say thank you and welcome!

New or returning member will need to contact AFSA to select and register for the on-demand webinar.

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Which type of membership is right for you?

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Contractor Membership

Contractor membership is for companies that install, inspect, and/or service fire sprinkler systems.

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Associate Membership

Associate membership is for firms that manufacture or sell automatic sprinkler devices, system components, and auxiliary equipment or provide other services to the industry.

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Designer Membership

Designer membership is for firms whose principal activity is the development of fire sprinkler shop/working drawings for fire sprinkler contractors, and is not engaged in the physical installation, inspection, or sale of fire system components.

AHJ Membership

AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) membership is for any legal entity or person having approval authority over any aspect of fire sprinkler installations and/or installing contractors. 

Retired Membership

Retired members are at least 65 years old and must no longer receive financial benefit from any occupation related to fire sprinklers. 

Student Membership

Student members are a full-time student enrolled in an accredited or approved fire protection or related program who does not meet requirements for full AFSA membership.. 

AFSA Quality Contractor Recognition

AFSA Quality Contractor

All eligible members are invited to apply for the Quality Contractor Recognition. It is for AFSA Contractor members to be recognized for their effort in growing companies that produce quality work by providing a work environment that promotes excellence and responsibility in all its employees.

When you achieve the AFSA Quality Contractor Recognition, your company is no longer just a contractor; your AFSA Quality Contractor Recognition gives you a tangible, marketable asset to grow your business. You can prove you have met the highest industry standards and have been verified by a leading national trade association.

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