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Education News


This bi-monthly e-newsletter delivers articles highlighting upcoming educational events. Circulation: 6000 Demographics: Member or Non-member by Direct Request Published: 6x Annually

Leaderboard ($1,500 / 1 Issue)

Skyscraper ($1,200 / 1 Issue)

Contractor Network


This bi-monthly e-newsletter is tailored specifically for AFSA contractor members by reporting on business, legal and labor issues. Circulation: 800 Demographics: Member Contractor Company Owners or Owner’s Rep Published: 6x Annually

Leaderboard ($900 / 1 Issue)

Skyscraper ($700 / 1 Issue)

Tech Update

Tech Update

This weekly e-newsletter includes technical notices, code updates and code committee action as well as information about code- and/or design-related issues. It is written by AFSA staff engineers. Circulation: 1200 Demographics: Members Only by Direct Request Published: Weekly

Leaderboard ($3,000 / 13 Issues)

Skyscraper ($2,500 / 13 Issues)

Digital Edition Email


This bi-monthly email is a subscription-based service for the Sprinkler Age Digital Edition. Circulation: 1500 Demographics: Members and Non-members by Subscription Published: Bi-Monthly

Leaderboard ($1,250 / 1 Issue)

Skyscraper ($1,000 / 1 Issue)

Sprinkler Age Weekly Newsbrief Email

This bi-monthly email is a subscription-based service for the Sprinkler Age Digital Edition.
Fire Sprinkler Experts Weekly
Published: Weekly

See SA Weekly Newsbrief Media Kit for Pricing and Specs


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Sponsored Content

New Exposure Opportunity for 2017!

Sponsored Content on the Sprinkler Age Blog! 

Reach thousands of readers on by purchasing a Sponsored Blog Post!

Sponsored posts include a blog post with a video or image(s) using copy provided by the advertiser, and are also posted to our main AFSA Twitter and Facebook page. We only publish one sponsored post per day. Sponsored posts should not be considered endorsements, and blogs that do not allow for clear and conspicuous disclosures will not be accepted.

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Sponsors are subject to approval and may be denied if we feel your product or service does not fit our readership.

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Sponsored Email

Send Emails to AFSA Contacts

Want to send an email blast to thousands of AFSA members and contacts? We have made that possible with our new Sponsored Emails! The blast can be to all contacts nationwide, which includes over 1500 member companies and over 3000 prospects. If you want to target just contractors, or just AHJs, that is certainly acheivable. And if you want to send an email to contractors in just one part of the country, that’s possible, too! Just send us the content and the demographics you want to reach, and we will send out the email blast.

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Email to AFSA Members………………………………………………………….. $2,500


Webinar Advertising

One of AFSA’s most popular member benefits is access to its multitude of educational webinars. Webinar topics run the gamut from the technical, like information modeling, sprinkler pipe corrosion, NFPA updates and OSHA awareness, to business management topics, like succession planning and legal issues. Five minutes prior to the start of each webinar, there are 10 thirty-second advertiser blocks. Advertisers can choose to create a slide or video, or have the creative staff at AFSA create a slide on their behalf.


  • Average 96 Contractor Companies per Webinar
  • Average 397 Attendees per Webinar



                     Unit           |          Medium         |               Rate

  • 30-second block   |   Advertiser-Created Slide    |   $500
  • 30-second block   |   Advertiser-Created Video   |   $500
  • 30-second block   |   AFSA-Created Slide              |   $750

Max: 2 30-second blocks per advertiser 

  • 20% Down Payment Due Prior to Activation
  • Remaining Amount Billed in Equal Amounts per Ad Contract Term.


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Sprinkler Age Magazine

Sprinkler Age Advertising Media KitSprinkler Age is dedicated to providing readers with up-to-date information on the latest developments in the fire sprinkler industry.

With a circulation of more than 3,800 (by direct request, paid subscription or AFSA membership) plus an additional pass-along readership of more than 10,500*, the demand for Sprinkler Age demonstrates that readers welcome the magazine’s straightforward approach in providing useful information that they cannot get anywhere else. Sprinkler Age brings the most original and informative editorial material to its readers. It has been called The Magazine for technical information.

Each Issue Includes
Advertising Rates
Mechanical Specs
Contract & Copy
Editorial Calendar & Deadlines
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