Virtual Instruction Program

Sprinkler Fitter with Arms Crossed

Early-bird Registration

Enroll before December 16, 2022

Enrollment is $425 per apprentice. Includes registration into the program and books for this level. Subsequent levels have a lower enrollment fee. Tuition is $200/month totaling $2000/level. Live lessons on Wednesdays at 11a and 5p (ET). Calendar provided with registration.

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Virtual Instruction Program (VIP)

Students receive live virtual instruction twice a month in conjunction with assessments to ensure they have understood the material.

Fire Sprinkler Fitter Books 4th Edition


2023 – 1st Quarter Levels 1-3 are available
2023 – 2nd Quarter Level 4 available
24-month close-out on 3rd edition assessments. All participants will be contacted. Records will be maintained.

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Program Support

  • Aid in creating your program using the AFSA National Guideline Standards (NGS)
  • Assistance with tracking On-the-Job Learning (OJL)
  • Apprentices must be enrolled in Virtual Instruction Program