Sprinkler Fitter Apprentice Training
Live Virtual Instruction Program
Level 2

Member Pricing



$425 enrollment fee plus $2,000 tuition
per level

No longer available.

Nonmember Price $3,225



$475 enrollment fee plus $2,000 tuition
per level

Dec. 2- Jan 25, 2024

Nonmember Price $3,275



$600 enrollment fee plus $2,000 tuition
per level

After Jan. 26, 2024

Nonmember Price $3,400

Non-Member tuition is $2,800 per course. The enrollment Fee Includes all materials and proctored online testing.


AFSA now offers a virtual instruction program (VIP) for the apprentice curriculum. The Sprinkler Fitting curriculum is now in its 4th edition. This version correlates with NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, 2019 edition. These textbook materials are produced through a partnership between AFSA and NCCER.

Each level provides ten months of education to accompany the On-The-Job Learning (OJL) conducted by the employer. The education includes the Sprinkler Fitting textbooks, two live monthly sessions, performance tasks to reinforce the modules, self-study components, and assessments.

The live lessons are instructed by AFSA staff and subject matter experts. Each session will run for 2 hours and includes time for discussion. Lessons will be delivered twice each scheduled day to accommodate multiple time zones. A calendar will be provided with registration that contains specific dates. Participants are required to attend the live sessions.

Fitter Hanging Pipe

Performance tasks are the execution of items that correspond to the lesson. This reinforcement increases the learning and retention of participants. The tasks are verified by the supervisor (employer) designated during VIP registration. These tasks must be finished to complete the level.

During the self-study portion, the apprentice is expected to read the accompanying sections that support the lesson and review any add-on resources, such as videos or articles that have been provided. The text provides questions with each module to help guide the apprentice and ensure key concepts are absorbed.

Also included are assessments via the learning management system. For Level 1 and Level 2, there will be one exam per module. For Levels 3 and 4, the number of assessments will be reduced from those corresponding to the 3rd edition of the textbooks, but for subjects that warrant it, there may be more than one exam per module. In addition, the testing will be virtually proctored, which adds strength to the quality of the education program.

VIP Live Training Schedule Level 2 - 2024

Hangers and Supports
22/21/2418201Seismic Protection
43/6/2418202Hanger and Seismic Manufacturer Demos
33/20/2418202Control Valves and Trim Valves
54/3/2418203Supply System Valves and Pressure Control and Air Venting Valves
64/17/2418203Math for Sprinkler Fitters
75/1/2418204Shop Drawings – Part 1
805/15/2418204Shop Drawings – Part 2
906/5/2418205Standard Spray Sprinklers
• Characteristics
• Occupancies
1006/19/2418205Standard Spray Sprinklers Spacing
• Uprights and Pendents
1107/10/2418205Standard Spray Sprinklers Spacing
• Sidewalls
Sprinkler Manufacturer Demonstrations
Sprinkler Manufacturer Demonstrations
1509/11/2418206Wet Pipe Systems – Part 1
1609/25/2418206Wet Pipe Systems – Part 2
1710/9/2418206Wet Pipe Systems – Part 3
1810/23/2418207Dry Pipe Systems – Part 1
1911/6/2418207Dry Pipe Systems – Part 2
2011/20/2418207Dry Pipe Systems – Part 3


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