Award Nominations

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) recognizes those individuals who have given extraordinary support to furthering the advancement and awareness of fire sprinklers. The following awards honor the leaders in the fire sprinkler community and in our Association.

Henry S. Parmelee Award

Nomination Deadline is June 30 annually.


AFSA’s highest honor, the Henry S. Parmelee award is given in recognition of an outstanding individual who has dedicated himself or herself to the professional advancement of the fire sprinkler industry and to the goal of fire safety through automatic sprinklers.

Members of AFSA may nominate someone who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to improving the fire sprinkler industry.

The award was instituted by AFSA in 1983 to give recognition to distinguished industry professionals and to memorialize Henry S. Parmelee, an outstanding pioneer in the fire sprinkler industry who is recognized as the inventor of the first commercially successful closed sprinkler.


To nominate someone for the Parmelee Award you must meet the following requirements:

  • Nominations may be made by any employee of an AFSA member in good standing
  • Self-nominations are prohibited
  • Nominees must be employed by an AFSA member company at the time of the presentation to receive the award
  • Nominee’s employer must sign-off on the nomination

kraig kirschner

Past winners include:

  • 1983  John M. Rhodes, FM Global Research Corp.
  • 1984  William J. Meyer, Central Sprinkler Corporation
  • 1985  C. B. Hall, American Automatic Sprinkler Co.
  • 1986  Harold L. Black, Central Fire Protection, Inc.
  • 1987  Edward J. Reilly, Ed Reilly Associates
  • 1988  Richard T. Groos, The Viking Corporation
  • 1989 Ron Coleman, Chief, Fullerton Fire Dept., CA
  • 1990  Frank J. Fee III, Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Corp.
  • 1991  Dr. John M. Bryan, University of Maryland School of Fire Protection Engineering
  • 1992  W. D. (Dave) Hilton, Chief, Cobb County Fire Department, GA
  • 1993  J. Frank Riseden, AFSA President 1983-1991
  • 1994  Haden B. Brumbeloe, Publisher, FPC Magazine
  • 1995  Edward H. Smith, H.F.P. Corporation
  • 1996  Tom Waller, Viking Fire Protection of the SouthEast
  • 1997  Chester W. Schirmer, Schirmer Engineering Corp.
  • 1998  Tom Siegfried, Retired Chief, Altamonte Springs, FL
  • 1999  Donald D. Becker, Midland Automatic Sprinkler Co.
  • 2000  Robert L. McCullough, AllSouth Sprinkler Company (awarded posthumously)
  • 2001  Buck Buchanan, Central Sprinkler Corporation
  • 2002 Frank M. Winiecki, General Sprinkler Corporation
  • 2003  Jack Viola, H.F.P. Corporation
  • 2004  Lowell Gillett, Fire Engineering Co., Inc. (retired)
  • 2005  Joe Hankins, FM Global (retired)
  • 2006  Art Cote, National Fire Protection Association
  • 2007  Tom Groos, The Viking Corporation
  • 2008  William E. Corbin, Mutual Sprinklers, Inc.
  • 2009  Lloyd Ivy, AFSA Director of Membership (1986-2008)
  • 2010  Marty Giles, VSC Fire & Security
  • 2011 Willie Templin, American Automatic Sprinkler, Inc.
  • 2012  Bob Rees, Sunland Fire Protection
  • 2013  Russ Leavitt, Telgian Corporation
  • 2014  James Golinveaux, Tyco Fire Protection Products
  • 2015  George Wagner, Worsham Sprinkler Company
  • 2016  Steve Muncy, AFSA President (1991-2016)
  • 2017  Robert (Bob) G. Caputo, Fire & Life Safety America
  • 2018  Kraig Kirschner, AFCON
  • 2019  Manning Strickland, Strickland Fire Protection

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