Safety Training


Day One Safe One Video

safety training day one safe one videoThis members-only benefit is designed to give new hires an idea of what to expect on the job, and to make sure that they maintain a safe working environment from day one. This new AFSA employee orientation presentation helps to make onboarding a new employee fast and easy. The presentation incorporates an audio narrated slideshow with videos to make learning easy.

With a run time of less than 20 minutes, the presentation briefly covers a variety of topics and tools that a new hire might expect to see on the job, including codes of conduct and basic first aid as well as basic types of equipment such as job site personal protective equipment, tools, sprinkler heads, pipe, fittings, and much more.

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Safety Training Tool Box TalksContractor’s Tool Box Talks

Safety Training

These toolbox talks were put together especially for the fire sprinkler contractor. Their purpose is to assist sprinkler contractors in their efforts in preventing and controlling losses through continuous safety training.

The topics address the exposures sprinkler contractors face on a daily basis and proportionately reflect the loss trends of sprinkler contractors for the period 1/97 – 12/07.


Introduction & Overview

Introduction & Overview

Electrical Safety

  1. Electrical Safety
  2. Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters

Fall Protection

  1. Aerial Lift-Pre-Operational Inspection
  2. Aerial Lift Mounting and Dismounting Procedures
  3. Aerial Platform Safety
  4. Fall Protection Requirements Apply!
  5. Floor and Wall Openings
  6. Floor Openings – Cover or Protect
  7. Ladders & Stairs (OSHA Resources)

Fire Safety

  1. Don’t Give Fire A Chance
  2. Introduction to Fire Extinguishers

Hand Tools

  1. Choosing Safer Handtools
  2. Safe Use of Handtools – Wrenches

Human Factors

  1. Back Injuries in Construction
  2. Healthy Backs in the Mechanical Trades
  3. Lifts & Loads: Lifting by 2 Persons
  4. Material Handling on Construction Sites
  5. Mini Breaks During the Day
  6. Minimizing Musculoskeletal Fatigue

Misc. Safety Topics

  1. Hearing Conservation
  2. Safety Data Sheets
  3. Safety Signs
  4. Safety Tags

Other Industry Issues

  1. Back Injuries
  2. Back Injury Prevention
  3. Contractor Equipment: A Guide to Better Security
  4. Crime Proof Your Jobsite – Audit
  5. Drug and Alcohol / Substance Abuse Awareness
  6. FAQs on Ergonomics
  7. Improving Security at your Construction Site
  8. Internal Theft Prevention
  9. Water Damage Prevention – General Reminders
  10. Water Damage Prevention – Top 3 Causes
  11. Water Damage Prevention – Miscellaneous Precautions
  12. Your Three Job Priorities


  1. PPE Overview
  2. Hard Hats

Safe Driving

  1. Backing Problems
  2. Courtesy & Safe Driving
  3. Drive Defensively
  4. Right of Way
  5. Roads & Weather
  6. Seatbelts
  7. Seatbelts: The 3 Collisions