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Webinar: NFPA 14, 2016 Ed. Updates and Performance Based Design

February 23 @ 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

This seminar will present a performance based approach to standpipe design and enhance attendee understanding of the tactical and operational practices that are the basis of the prescriptive requirements of the NFPA 14 standard.  The program will include updates to NFPA 14, 2016 edition and also to the applicable sections of NFPA 20, 2016 edition.   There will also be discussion of the general basis of design for multi-zone standpipe systems in very tall buildings as defined in NFPA and the International Building Code.  

Topics covered will include vertical staging of fire pumps, proper zoning of standpipe systems, pressure regulation and management, auxiliary water storage on upper floors of high-rise buildings, protection of standpipes, and significant changes to NFPA 14, 2016 edition.