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Press Release

Invest in Your Design Department

Attend AFSA’s Beginning Design School February 7 – March 3 in Richardson, Texas

DALLAS – The need for designers in the fire sprinkler industry has become paramount; The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) is helping meet the demand to deliver the curriculum your designers need, while giving your team the manpower it so desperately demands.

Only a few seats remain, so don’t miss your chance to attend AFSA’s next Beginning Design School coming up in February 7 – March 3 in Richardson, Texas! This first course offering begins with virtual sessions and ends with in-person instruction, held at The Cambria Richardson-Dallas Hotel.

The Beginning Design School presents a comprehensive, practical approach to preparing fire sprinkler system drawings. Over a three-week period, students will attend six live webinars studying and reviewing the installation and design approach requirements of NFPA 13 (2019) while completing self-paced exercises and module assessments. Q&A sessions and open discussions will also be included as part of the online instruction. The second part of the class will be a week of in-person training preparing fire sprinkler system layout, shop drawings, and hydraulic calculations by hand. The course concludes with a comprehensive exam of the class content including the installation requirements and hydraulics. There is no CAD or third-party software taught in this class.

The school will prepare the student to:

  • Accelerate the comprehension of plans and various types of building construction for proper sprinkler spacing applications
  • Determine the proper sprinkler system layout and installation requirements and methods
  • Interpret sprinkler specifications, plans (shop drawings), manufacturer’s technical data sheets, and flow tests
  • Identify sprinkler types, system types, pipe types, hangers, fittings, system components, etc.
  • Explain the coordination with other trades — plumbing, mechanical, electrical, structural
  • Prepare sprinkler drawings and hydraulic calculations by hand and identify the hydraulic inputs to explain computer outputs

This class is designed for trainees and entry-level technicians with at least six months experience as well as those with experience in the sprinkler trade looking to make the transition to system layout.

Two additional sessions will be presented in 2023. April 25 – May 19 (blended format of virtual and in-person training) and August 14 – August 25 (traditional format of in-person training).

For more information, visit or email

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