Sprinkler Fitting Training Series

AFSA’s Sprinkler Fitting apprenticeship training series is the premier choice for merit shop fire protection contractors seeking quality apprenticeship training for new installers. This four-level series is written by contractors for contractors.

The Sprinkler Fitting series has evolved over 40+ years to guide employers’ instruction of apprentices on best practices for the installation of water-based fire protection systems. The curriculum is comprised of printed textbooks for student study, online assessments, and digital instructor resources.

What Does Sprinkler Fitting Cover?

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How Do Employers Use It?

The Sprinkler Fitting series is intended to be used as the basis for registered apprenticeship. Its instruction is administered in conjunction with employer-led On-the-Job Learning (OJL, or OJT). While studying the curriculum, apprentices also receive hands-on training from the employer in the form of OJL and related performance tasks.

For instruction of the Sprinkler Fitting series, AFSA offers two delivery options. Choose the one that best suits your company’s needs.

Curriculum: This ‘traditional’ method is for companies that want to conduct their own in-house instruction using the Sprinkler Fitting books and related exams provided by AFSA. This method provides flexibility for employers to determine the schedule and pace of their own classroom instruction.

Virtual Instruction Program (VIP): This newer option shifts the classroom instruction from the employer to AFSA. Over a ten-month period (per course level), AFSA’s expert instructors deliver twenty virtual lessons to VIP apprentices. This is an ideal option for companies that prefer to focus on the field or hands-on training, and outsource the classroom instruction to AFSA.

Both delivery methods utilize the same Sprinkler Fitting series. For more details about how to implement this apprenticeship training, including registration with the U.S. Department of Labor and/or your State Apprenticeship Agency, visit How It Works.

How Do Apprentices Take Exams?

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For new enrollees, a student account is created in AFSA’s Canvas Learning Management Systems (LMS).  With the purchase of a course level, an account is created for your student to access module exams.

All exams (Curriculum and VIP) are proctored using Integrity Advocate, a virtual proctoring solution that is designed to meet students wherever they are. This software verifies the identity of the student, monitors the exam session for potential flags, and is compatible across multiple devices (tablets, phones, computers).

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When Do Apprentices Take Exams?

Curriculum: All exams are made available in the student’s account at the same time. The employer determines and communicates expected course and exam schedule to the apprentice.

VIP: Exams and other course assignments are made available at scheduled points throughout the duration of the 10-month class (per course level).

Who Teaches It?

Curriculum: The employer designates the instructor and determines the course schedule, class times, exam dates, start dates, end dates, etc.

VIP: AFSA is the primary instructor via live webinar instruction. The employer, in conjunction with AFSA instruction, continues to provide and oversee the hands-on learning in the form of performance tasks and on-the-job learning (OJL, or OJT).

Are There Resources for Employers’ Instructors?

There are lesson plans, PowerPoints, performance profile forms, and practice quizzes digitally available at no cost to employers using the Sprinkler Fitting curriculum. Request them using this form.

Comparison of AFSA Apprenticeship Training Options

Curriculum VIP
4th Edition Sprinkler Fitting Books
Canvas Testing Platform
Proctored Assessments
Live Lesson Instruction
Industry Expert Access
Performance Tasks Meaurements
Employer-led, AFSA verified
On-the-Job Learning (OJL, OJT)
Apprentice Program Registration (Dept. of Labor)
AFSA National Guideline Standards (NGS) available



$2,000/Level + enrollment fee


Watch the recorded webinar.

What is AFSA’s VIP? What is NGS? And how does it work?

Something is different about AFSA apprenticeship training, and if you can’t put your finger on it, please watch this interactive webinar. It explains how the AFSA’s Virtual Instruction Program (VIP) differs from the traditional curriculum path that AFSA continues to offer.

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