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Ted Wills
" I have come to realize that I truly have a source for anything fire sprinkler related. From fitter and designer training to technical expertise provided by AFSA staff, this association has been invaluable to me as a contractor." - Ted Wills, Anchor Fire Protection Co.

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Decrypting Cybersecurity

Are You Protected? Cybersecurity is a hot topic with a recent rise in robocalls, email phishing scams, and other digital attacks on our personal information becoming the norm, rather than the occasional annoyance they used to be. With the rise in attempted attacks, there also comes a new level of sophistication. It is often tough …

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Protecting Fort Worth’s Dickies Arena

AFSA Member American Automatic Sprinkler’s Project Nears Completion Construction commenced at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas with a “Let the Dirt Fly” groundbreaking ceremony held on April 18, 2017, but for AFSA member American Automatic Sprinkler, Inc. (AAS) of Fort Worth, one of the largest merit-shop fire protection contractors in Texas, preparations started weeks …

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Standpipes: Protecting Horizontal Pipe

What are Laterals? One of the aspects of NFPA 14, Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems, that has been regularly edited over the last several cycles of the standard is the protection of piping against fire damage. This article will look at these changes with a particular focus on laterals. It will …

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Window Sprinkler Design

Application and Pitfalls When reviewing a set of contract documents, I often find myself gravitating to the life-safety drawings. These drawings spell out several items which help me in evaluating the overall sprinkler needs for a project. Among the most common items identified are the location and rating of the code-required fire separations/walls utilized for …

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Thank You for Your Support!

Members Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries As the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) celebrates its 38th anniversary in 2019, we also recognize those members who are celebrating milestone membership anniversaries. The member companies featured this issue have belonged to AFSA for 15 or more years of continuous membership. Several members are celebrating milestone anniversaries in September and …

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Exposure Protection

What is it? Exposure protection refers to the protecting of a structure from a nearby fire. This can be in the form of radiation from a nearby fire, exposure to flames from a jetting fire, from a burning building or roof at a lower elevation than the exposed building, or from flying burning debris.1 For …

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Madison West Receives De Camara Scholarship

Contributions Support Exceptional Fire Protection Engineers Each year, the Center for Life Safety Education (CLSE) and the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) come together to award the Philip L. De Camara, Jr. Scholarship, established to honor a man who was dedicated to the fire sprinkler industry. That scholarship awards $3,500 to an exceptional junior or …

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Sprinkler Incentives Pave the Way for New Home Protection

Texas Development is a Model Using Incentives to Achieve Community Risk Reduction On average, seven people die in home fires in the U.S. every day (NFPA). Of all structures, homes are where we are most vulnerable, accounting for four of every five fire deaths and three of every four fire injuries. Research also shows that …

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"The investment in belonging to AFSA is about the cost of a few hours of field time , but the value can provide a lifetime of benefit."- - Bill Phair, Ferguson