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Ted Wills
" I have come to realize that I truly have a source for anything fire sprinkler related. From fitter and designer training to technical expertise provided by AFSA staff, this association has been invaluable to me as a contractor." - Ted Wills, Anchor Fire Protection Co.

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Smith Named Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year

AHJ’s Tireless Devotion to Residential Sprinkler Education For Richard Smith, fire protection has always been an important part of everyday life. Born in Oxford, Maryland, Smith recalls having an interest in fire protection extremely early on because he lived just down the road from a fire company and recalls, “as a young man there wasn’t …

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U.S. and Canada Unite During First Home Sprinkler Day

Showcasing the Power of This Life-Saving Technology Rain may have been in the forecast for many parts of North America on Saturday, May 19. However, it did not dampen efforts to finally give home fire sprinklers the widespread attention this technology deserves. More than 50 events in 25 U.S. states and Canadian provinces took place …

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COO Report

Nearly a thousand members and counting. As I look back on my work experience with AFSA, I can’t help feeling grateful. I landed here 20 years ago looking to begin a new career in association meeting planning. I got my dream job. Since beginning this job, I have seen the association grow in members and …

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Chairman’s Message

As we glide through the summer, I believe things are playing out just as predicted at the start of the year. It has been a busy year to this point. I have talked to many contractors and associates around the country and am constantly hearing: “We are busy and we could really use a few …

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BIM and the Fire Sprinkler Industry

A Sprinkler Contractor’s Perspective BIM (building information modeling) and 3D coordination. Is it the creative tool that proponents would work to convince you of or is it the albatross weighing down the design departments of most fire sprinkler contractors today? There is no doubt that BIM design and 3D coordination, when managed correctly, can have …

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Dry Pipe Water Delivery Time

Do Lower Air Pressure Dry Pipe Systems Deliver Water Faster Than Higher Air Pressure Systems? Introduction Dry pipe sprinkler systems are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen, which make them particularly useful in spaces subject to freezing temperatures. But because the pipe remains free of water until a fire is detected, the speed of water …

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Fire Suppression Agent Selection

Protection for a Mobile Power Generation Unit Summary Jackson Associates, Inc. was approached by a government contractor to analyze protection of a power generating unit (PGU) which is part of a large trailer unit. The trailer is built to fit inside a large military aircraft for rapid deployment throughout the world. The unit was being …

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What if Your Sprinkler System Could Think?

How an Electronic Sprinkler System Can Meet the Demands of Today’s Storage Needs Automatic fire sprinklers have remained relatively unchanged since their introduction in the 1800s. Advancements have been made, allowing for protection of more complex spaces and fire hazards, but the underlying fundamentals of how a sprinkler operates have not. Current fire sprinkler technology …

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"The investment in belonging to AFSA is about the cost of a few hours of field time , but the value can provide a lifetime of benefit."- - Bill Phair, Ferguson