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Ted Wills
" I have come to realize that I truly have a source for anything fire sprinkler related. From fitter and designer training to technical expertise provided by AFSA staff, this association has been invaluable to me as a contractor." - Ted Wills, Anchor Fire Protection Co.

Latest News

NFPA 13 Restructured

2019 Edition New Format Aligns with System Design Process The 2019 edition of NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, will introduce a new era in terms of the format and layout of the standard. This reorganization was done to better match and align with the fire sprinkler system design/analysis processes, as opposed …

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Alternate Protection for Rack Storage
changes in 2016 nfpa 13

An Answer for Many Problems Including Sloped Ceilings When a localized portion of the rack has a commodity that requires a design basis greater than what the ceiling system can provide, there is an alternate protection scheme within the rack that requires far less water than a ceiling system (even ceiling systems with in-rack sprinklers). …

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Garages in NFPA 13R

Protection Requirements Sprinkler protection in NFPA 13R, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Low-Rise Residential Occupancies, would appear to be straightforward, but with architects getting more creative with their designs, we are forced to seek assistance in navigating the nuances of the standard. The committee members have taken a big step in defining …

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How We “Close the Deal”

Contractors Share Advice, Strategies To build your business you need to continually “close the deal.” What are some tried and proven ways to do that? Sprinkler Age surveyed contractors around the country to learn their best practices when dealing with customers and winning projects. There is an old saying in sales – “ABC – Always …

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Who’s Who in Apprenticeship?

Meet the Seven Apprentice Competition Finalists for AFSA37! The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) is proud to host its Silver Anniversary National Apprentice Competition (NAC) this year at AFSA37: Convention, Exhibition and Apprentice Competition to be held in Washington, DC. This competition allows apprentices representing member companies from across the country to compete in two …

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The Prop Master

For every tool that we use in the fire service, there is a responsibility to train with it. If we are to maximize the role of automatic fire protection systems in residences, they must be incorporated in the training plan also. Failure to do this can result in misuse of built-in fire appliances. Let’s talk, …

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Honoring Les and Diane Woods’ Public Education Efforts

Couple Receives Fire Sprinklers Save Lives Award Les and Diane Woods have helped thousands of people understand the effectiveness of fire sprinkler technology through their dramatic and very effective side-by-side burn demonstrations. Les is a past president of the South Carolina Fire and Life Safety Education Association and Diane is the current president. Their down-to-earth …

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Seismic Requirements for Vertical Pipes

It’s Not Just About Four-Way Braces When you think about seismic bracing for vertical sprinkler systems, your thoughts probably go straight to four-way bracing for risers. But there are several additional requirements that may come into play under the hanging and bracing requirements in NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems, for vertical …

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