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In 2017, The American Fire Sprinkler Association will hold its 36th Annual Convention, Exhibition & Apprentice Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Ted Wills
" I have come to realize that I truly have a source for anything fire sprinkler related. From fitter and designer training to technical expertise provided by AFSA staff, this association has been invaluable to me as a contractor." - Ted Wills, Anchor Fire Protection Co.

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Listing of Hanging and Bracing Components
Early Suppression Fast Response

 Understanding the Testing Standards What is behind a listing? We know the components are tested, but to what degree? This information can help if an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is questioning the loading of an application using a listed support or brace. This article will provide some background of what the components go through for …

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Identifying Microbes

What is Contaminating My Fire Sprinkler System? While microorganisms do not produce unique types of corrosion, they can accelerate corrosion reactions. Microbial action has been identified as a contributor to rapid corrosion of metals and alloys exposed to soils; seawater, distilled water, and freshwater; crude oil, hydrocarbon fuels, and process chemicals; and sewage. Many industries …

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Commodity Classification Testing

Reassessing the Fire Risk of Changing Commodity and Packaging Protecting investments is critical for business owners, risk managers, and insurers alike. We all know how quickly fire can spread and how devastating it can be. At UL, our fire suppression group offers a broad range of experience, expertise, and tests that can aid in fire …

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend AFSA36

1. GET INSPIRED by our line-up of nationally recognized speakers. The industry’s biggest and best, provides the most bang for the buck with prominent panelists as well as expert industry practitioners with topics and tips to help you remain strong, competitive and profitable during uncertain times. 2. GET CEU/CPDs at relevant workshops. Offering three jammed-packed …

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Allsouth Makes Record Donation

Largest Donation to Date Will Help Fund Legendary National Apprentice Competition In 1994, Allsouth Sprinkler Company’s founder, Robert L. “Bob” McCullough, was the chairman of the American Fire Sprinkler Association’s (AFSA) Education & Apprenticeship Committee. In his role as chairman, he was instrumental in the formation of AFSA’s Annual National Apprentice Competition, as well as …

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Miller Named Fire Sprinkler Advocate of the Year
Miller Named Fire

Deputy Fire Marshal Key to Fire Sprinkler Victories in Washington State Randy Miller has always had a vested interest in saving lives. From his beginnings as a paramedic with Buck Medical Services in Portland, Oregon, all the way to his current 15-year career as deputy fire marshal in the Camas-Washougal Fire Marshal’s Office in Camas, …

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Chairman’s Message: The Winds of Change
Chairman's Message: The Winds of Change

No industry is immune to the winds of change. We live in fascinating times and in the short span of a score of years we have watched the birth of new industries and the demise of giants. The list of new endeavors is long, stunning, and amazingly quick. What the Internet has done to media, …

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President’s Report: Dedication
President's Report: Dedication

Dedication. The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. When we reflect upon why AFSA was incorporated in 1981, the phrase “dedicated to the educational advancement of its members” is the key reason the organization came into being. As I’ve said to numerous elected leaders within our group recently, although AFSA …

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"The investment in belonging to AFSA is about the cost of a few hours of field time , but the value can provide a lifetime of benefit."- - Bill Phair, Ferguson