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Education and instruction are an important part of the fire sprinkler fitter pathway from beginning apprentice to journeyman.  The most common programs involve four levels of apprenticeship, demonstrating progress through the program.  Each level, typically completed in 1 year, has approximately 2000 hours of on-the-job training and 150 hours of instruction to reach completion.

With a focus on education and training for the fire sprinkler industry, AFSA has offerings to meet various needs.  First, there is the curriculum.  This option provides textbooks and assessments to support an educational program overseen by the employer.  Second, there is a virtual instruction program.  In this option, participants receive the same materials as the first, but there will be live online instruction and resources to aid the learning process.  Soon, AFSA will also release a third option that will educate the apprentices and assist the employer in managing the apprentice programs.

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A fitter apprenticeship has a lot to offer. Become a fire sprinkler apprentice and save lives and protect property.