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Virtual Fire Sprinkler Apprentice Training (VIP)

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How Sprinkler Fitting Works

Learn more about the Virtual Fire Sprinkler Apprenticeship training. 

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the different apprentice options.

Curriculum VIP
4th Edition Sprinkler Fitting Books
Canvas Testing Platform
Proctored Assessments
Live Lesson Instruction
Industry Expert Access
Performance Tasks Meaurements
Employer-led, AFSA verified
On-the-Job Learning (OJL, OJT)
Apprentice Program Registration (Dept. of Labor)
AFSA National Guideline Standards (NGS) available



$2,000/Level + enrollment fee

Learn about the future of apprentice instruction.

What is AFSA’s VIP? What is NGS? And how does it work?

Something is different about AFSA apprenticeship training, and if you can’t put your finger on it, please watch this interactive webinar. It explains how the AFSA’s Virtual Instruction Program (VIP) differs from the traditional curriculum path that AFSA continues to offer.

New Updates for Apprentice Training

With new apprentice courses purchased on 1/1/23 and after that, you will see some exciting changes designed to improve the training experience for apprentices and employers while strengthening AFSA’s apprenticeship training model.

Fewer Tests

AFSA’s new curriculum features updated, and fewer, tests. Instead of 24-25 tests per level, apprentices will see approximately 1 exam per module, with larger modules having 2 exams.

New Testing Platform

As apprentices advance from 3rd to the new 4th edition of Sprinkler Fitting, they will move into Canvas, AFSA’s Learning Management System, to take tests. This will mean a new student account and new login credentials, all of which will be provided to the Training Coordinator as part of processing your new course orders.

No More Retake Codes

This applies to those enrolling in the newly updated 4th edition Sprinkler Fitting. Each course allows unlimited tries on any exam to receive a passing grade; your purchase includes five (5) total reattempts PER LEVEL at no extra charge. After those five, each reattempt is $20.

Virtually Proctored Tests

To ensure the integrity of apprenticeship testing, the new series’ tests will include remote proctoring. This software is designed to monitor the apprentice during tests, taking the responsibility off of the employer or company proctor.

New Services, New Pricing

The AFSA member price for apprenticeship training courses, including online tests in an improved student portal, five reattempts, and remote proctoring, will be $495 per level effective 1/1/23.

Optional Virtual Instruction Program (VIP)

For those interested in delegating more of your apprentice instruction to AFSA, this “VIP” course is for you! The next Level 1 class launches in September 2023.

Education and instruction are an important part of the fire sprinkler fitter pathway from beginning apprentice to journeyman.  The most common programs involve four levels of apprenticeship, demonstrating progress through the program.  Each level, typically completed in 1 year, has approximately 2000 hours of on-the-job training and 150 hours of instruction to reach completion.

With a focus on education and training for the fire sprinkler industry, AFSA has offerings to meet various needs.  First, there is the curriculum.  This option provides textbooks and assessments to support an educational program overseen by the employer.  Second, there is a virtual instruction program.  In this option, participants receive the same materials as the first, but there will be live online instruction and resources to aid the learning process.  Soon, AFSA will also release a third option that will educate the apprentices and assist the employer in managing the apprentice programs.

All Textbooks Updated

From the Core to Level 4, all (5) textbooks in AFSA’s apprenticeship training series are updated.
The (4) Sprinkler Fitting texts are correlated to the 2019 ed. and 2022 ed. of NFPA 13 and include all new art in collaboration with AFSA industry partners.

Level 1 - 155 Hours Core Curriculum, 6th edition

Features expanded coverage of math, construction drawings, and the latest hand and power tools. Content has been reorganized to ensure a progressive understanding of concepts. Sprinkler Fitting, Level 1, 4th edition

Level 3 - 150 Hours - Sprinkler Fitting, Level 3, 4th edition

New sprinkler obstructions calculator developed to calculate required installation parameters based on sprinkler type, hazard area, and obstruction type.

Sprinkler Fitting, Level 1, 4th edition

Expanded sprinkler industry overview and terminology, new section added on understanding code, added introductory coverage of thermal sensitivity, hydrostatic testing, tees and fittings, and more.

Level 4 - 145 Hours - Sprinkler Fitting, Level 4, 4th edition

Expansion of inspection, testing and maintenance topics; new module on crew leadership; improved and concise coverage of special extinguishing systems.

Level 2 - 152.5 Hours - Sprinkler Fitting, Level 2, 4th edition

Enhanced math content to reflect practical scenarios, added coverage for NFPA requirements for seismic bracing, silica safety, wet system riser assemblies, and more.

Instructor Resources

Newly updated instructor resources are provided in digital format and include Lesson Plans, Performance Profile Sheets, and PowerPoint templates to customize for your company's training classes. Click here to request.

Become an Apprentice

A fitter apprenticeship has a lot to offer. Become a fire sprinkler apprentice and save lives and protect property.

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