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Press Release

Accelerate Your Design Team

Attend AFSA’s Intermediate Design School March 20 – 31 in Richardson, Texas

DALLAS – If you have a design team, you understand the importance of training them to be best in industry. The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) offers its Intermediate Design School for students to gain a more profound knowledge to apply design and installation requirements. The first school for 2023 will be held March 20-31, both virtually and in-person at The Cambria Richardson-Dallas Hotel.

The school will begin with an orientation and two three-hour webinars providing an overview of the toolsets available in the Autodesk® Revit® software to allow students to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) for exercises. This is followed by five days of in-person instruction at AFSA’s new training facility in Dallas, Texas.

This course is designed for those with layout experience looking to understand the tools they utilize in-depth and gain a more profound knowledge to apply the design and installation requirements for general storage, install and calculate seismic protection, layout and calculate standpipe systems, size, and select-fire pumps, and apply hydraulic principles to complex wet, deluge, and preaction systems. Seismic protection and sway bracing will also be covered in detail.The school will prepare the student to:

  • Classify commodities and storage arrangements.
  • Compare installation requirements for storage sprinklers (CMDA, CMSA, and ESFR).
  • Use computer modeling of a sprinkler system to illustrate and confirm installation requirements for storage sprinklers (CMDA, CMSA, and ESFR).
  • Determine the appropriate component, installation, and design requirements for a standpipe system.
  • Recognize the components and prepare shop drawings where seismic protection is required.
  • Select an appropriate fire pump based on available supply and system demand and verify using a computer model.

This class is designed for competent trainees and technicians with at least 1+ years of system layout experience. No prior Hydratec or Autodesk® Revit® experience is required. Students should be computer literate.

A second school will be offered October 9-20, 2023. For more details and to register, visit or email

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